Flame Detector Testers

Test Lamp T-229/4P for UV, IR and UV/IR Flame Detectors

The Sense-Ware T-229/4P Flame detector Test Lamp activates UV, IR and UV/IR Flame detectors that detect at 185-235 nm UV and 4.4 IR radiation. For UV only detectors the maximum distance is up to 8 meters (26 ft) in the continue mode. The test range of UV, IR and UR/IR detectorssis up to 4 meters (13 ft).

Most IR Flame detectors have anextra alarm criterion through analyzing the flicker frequency of a fire. In order to simulate the flame flicker the lamp needs tobe pulse operated. For this, the test lamp T-229/4P can be put into the pulse mode by means of a switch on the left side of the test lamp. The lamp then emits pulsed light with a frequency of approx 2Hz. after the alarm delay time the IR or UV/IR flame detector will activate.

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