Multi Criterion Testers

Multi-sensor detectors are becoming increasingly common, with this comes the need to functionally test each sensor. This can be achieved using a range of tools from our Solo product range but is best achieved using Testifire – our all-in-one test solution.

Two models are available, Testifire 1001 for testing smoke and heat and Testifire 2001 that adds the ability to test CO. As well as multi-sensors, Testifire can also be used to test single sensor detectors – making it perfect for all jobs.

Testifire 1001 – Detector Tester

The most popular version of Testifire, the Testifire 1001 allows fast and efficient testing of smoke and heat detectors. These tests can be carried out as single, simultaneous or sequential tests depending on the detector being tested.

Key features include:
- Compatibility with widest range of detectors
- Smoke & heat generated on–demand (only when detector enters cup)
- Transparent test cup for clear view of detector
- Adjustable handle for use at angles
- Testifire 2001 available for CO testing
- Product Code: Testifire 1001-001

Testifire 2001 – Detector Tester

The Testifire 2001 offers all the features and benefits of the 1001 – but with the added ability to test CO.

CO testing is carried out using a Testifire head unit and a TC3 capsule, safe levels of CO are generated via the capsule once the tester is placed over the detector.

- Two heat settings
- Activation of the widest range of heat sensors (up to 100°C)
- Compatible with Solo access poles
- Able to test for CO
- Product Code: Testifire 2001-001

Testifire TS3 Smoke Capsule

Smoke generated by Testifire is delivered via capsules. The use of capsules offers a number of benefits over traditional aerosol canisters.

Key features include:
- Non-pressurised – easier to store and transport
- On-demand smoke generation – less wastage, more tests
- Smoke stimulus which is compatible with widest range of detectors
- Product Code: TS3-001

Testifire TC3 Co Capsule

CO generated by Testifire is delivered via capsules.

Key features include:
- Non-pressurised – easier to store
- On-demand CO generation
- Non-flammable
- Safe – amount of CO produced pose no health risk
- Product Code: TC3-001